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Nine Inch Nails live: Tension 2013. On tour now.

Photos by Rob Sheridan.

"The dynamics on the Thrones cast are quite special.  Because it’s such an all-encompassing, huge cast with a complete range of ages, backgrounds, trainings and experiences, it is one big happy family.  It’s bizarre, but it is.  The people that have been there are very receptive and welcoming to the people that arrive." 
- Natalie Dormer (X)

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Mark Noel
Berlin, Germany.
chasquilla nueva 


Olafur Eliasson - Your House (2006)

454 laser-cut pages representing the negative space of the artist’s home outside Copenhagen. No text.


Beautiful leather jewelry by Brenda Lyons.

Handmade necklaces created by painting leather with acrylics.

Brenda’s Etsy here

windfalcon on deviantart